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With TSPLOST in rearview mirror, it’s time for ‘Plan B’

By Ron Sifen

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation has produced an outstanding “Plan B” transportation plan. It was developed by transportation professionals to cost-effectively address our real transportation needs.

One of the major reasons why the TSPLOST failed is because many voters understood that the projects list squandered most of the money on projects that would not improve the flow of traffic in the region, and did not address the region’s real transportation needs. If implemented, Plan B would actually improve mobility throughout the region. Continue reading

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Surprise: Penalty is ZERO for TSPLOST failure

By Ron Sifen

Most people agree that one of the reasons that the TSPLOST failed was because government lost the trust of voters.

TSPLOST supporters want to believe that all of the distrust is only because of the Ga. 400 toll debacle. They refuse to admit that voters figured out that most of the money was going to projects that would not help to reduce traffic congestion on our roads. The projects list also contributed to the increased distrust of government. Continue reading

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Cobb plan for $3 million study in wake of TSPLOST loss is just plain wrong

By Ron Sifen

Voters in Cobb County and the entire Atlanta region have spoken and delivered the following clear message.  It is not the job of government to invent boondoggles on which to spend our money, and then increase our taxes to pay for boondoggles.

Many groups did a great job of putting together factual information and getting the information out to the public without much money.  The Traffic Truth group, Tea Party groups, along with the Sierra Club and NAACP, plus the phenomenal analysis performed by the Georgia Public Policy Foundation and Reason Foundation, and numerous state legislators who were outraged over the projects list, all worked together to inform the public about many things that were wrong with the TSPLOST.  Several columnists also helped. Continue reading

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Cobb County Civic Coalition requests Cobb BOC rescind July 24th Vote

The Cobb County Civic Coalition released this statement on their website today:

The Cobb County Civic Coalition (CCCC) respectfully requests the Cobb Board of Commissioners rescind their July 24th vote on the $3 million Environmental Impact Study (EIS).

On July 24th, one week prior to the TSPLOST vote and also prior to the conclusion of the Northwest Corridor Transit Alternatives Analysis (AA), the Cobb Board of Commissioners voted 4-1 to approve a new $3 million contract for a new EIS to move forward with whatever transit is recommended by the AA. Commissioner Bob Ott strenuously opposed this action, and correctly pointed out that it was premature to initiate an EIS, when the AA had not yet identified what would be studied.

On July 31st, Cobb voted 69% – 31% to oppose spending $689 million to enhance transit service on Cobb Parkway.

Cobb County should respect the vote of its citizens and rescind the decision to spend $3 million tax dollars to move forward on a project that Cobb taxpayers oppose.

via CCCC requests Cobb BOC rescind July 24th Vote | Cobb County Civic Coalition.

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Voters Revolt, TSPLOST Defeated!!

TSPLOST was trounced in the Atlanta Region on Tuesday evening.  The No vote won with 63% of the vote to the 37% Yes vote.  The pro-TSPLOST campaign was stunned by the fact that that throwing $8-10 Million into advertising didn’t work out too well for them.  The grassroots “pennies” campaign on the other hand proved that voters are tired of the Chamber, CIDs, lobbyists and political cronies that think they can buy an election with lies.  We don’t trust the politicians and over and over again they prove why we shouldn’t.

A huge thanks go out to everyone in the grassroots effort that made this happen.  The Transportation Leadership Coalition at did an excellent job spreading the TRUTH!

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The T-SPLOST – Passage will obstruct progress

By Ron Sifen

The TSPLOST was supposed to be about reducing traffic congestion.

The Atlanta Regional Commission has conceded that the TSPLOST projects list will do little to reduce regional commute times. The ARC says they are defining “alleviating traffic congestion” as meaning increasing the number of people who can reach a point in the region within 45 minutes. The ARC has conceded that this has nothing to do with improving the flow of traffic, and that it will have an insignificant impact on reducing commute times. Continue reading

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TSPLOST hurt, not helped, by consultant’s ‘race’ talk

By Ron Sifen

TSPLOST supporters have brought in a Washington, D.C. developer, Chris Leinberger, who is also a consultant on urbanism and smart growth, to race-bait the TSPLOST.

Leinberger told the Cumberland Area Community Improvement District board last week that “MARTA really stands for ‘Moving African Americans Rapidly Through Atlanta.’ You’ve racialized it. The white suburban neighborhoods and places have completely ignored the economic development potential that MARTA could have been and will be in the future.” Continue reading

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Express buses cheaper, more effective than rail or BRT, but DOT study only gives them lip service

By Ron Sifen

Last week, Cobb DOT presented its interim report on the Connect Cobb – Northwest Transit Corridor Alternatives Analysis.

I have been talking about huge cost differentials for different kinds of transit for a long time. This report confirms how extreme these differentials are. (Please note that Cobb presented national averages, and not Cobb-specific cost projections for this corridor.)

Costs to build:

* Light rail: $40 million to $120 million per mile

* Bus Rapid Transit (or BRT): $4 million to $50 million per mile

* Express Bus: $1 million to $2 million per mile.

Annual costs to operate and maintain:

* Light rail: $13 million to $33 million

* Bus Rapid Transit: $4 million to $29 million

* Express Bus: $4 million to $10 million Continue reading

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TSPLOST-related transit study seems aimed at avoiding inconvenient results

By Ron Sifen

If the TSPLOST is approved, and after the projects are built, will you have a shorter commute time? The ARC recently admitted that the answer is NO.

Instead, the ARC says that “alleviating traffic congestion” is defined as increasing the number of people who can hypothetically reach a given point within 45 minutes. Paying $6.14 billion of your tax dollars for this projects list equals no reduction of commute times. Continue reading

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TSPLOST vote offers the path of proven failure

By Ron Sifen

In the last few days, several pro-TSPLOST advocates have challenged me regarding my opposition to the Cobb light rail project.

One emphatically defended the Cobb light rail project. Another emphatically denied that the Cobb light rail project is on the TSPLOST projects list. Hmmm.

Let’s take a closer look at this “phantom” light rail for Cobb. Continue reading

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