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Kennesaw Skate Park Controversy

Before the TSPLOST issue, I was speaking out about Cobb’s SPLOST “renewal” in 2011.  While we were successful in defeating TSPLOST, we were narrowly defeated on the Cobb 2011 SPLOST.  Many of us opposing that SPLOST argued that many of the projects were merely “wants” and not needs.  One of the projects I specifically pointed out was the $750,000 going to a Skate Park in Kennesaw.  I didn’t think it was appropriate to include this project in a SPLOST, especially at at time when the economy is in such bad shape.  This is a lot of money going to something that is not necessary and certainly not needed.

Our friends at “The Kennesaw Watch” have uncovered that the company chosen during the bid process, California Skateparks, has been named in recent lawsuits:

“Kennesaw Skatepark named in allegations of multiple felonies against Pro Skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his business associate Joe Caglia, president of a construction company, California Skateparks:

1. Attempting to collude and bid-rig the Hansen Dam skate park project.

2. Perjury & fraud arising against the City of Los Angeles pursuant to the Skatepark Agreement.

3. Perjury, fraud, and violations of the California False Claims Act on the following specific bids and projects: Hansen Dam Skate Plaza, Stoner Skate Park, the Jackie Tatum Harvard Recreation Center and the Southeast Valley Roller and Skateboard Rink.

4. Fraud in securing a design-build project in Kennesaw, Georgia– including misrepresenting California as Los Angeles’ “Preferred Skatepark Vendor” in the Kennesaw proposal.”

via The Kennesaw Watch.

How will this affect the skatepark and more importantly, our tax dollars?

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