“Vote NO” Yard Signs Now Available!

The Transportation Leadership Coalition, LLC now has Vote NO signs available for order.  Here is what their email stated:

“We need to have orders in as soon as possible so that we can place this first order of signs. The deadline for you to participate in this order is Monday, May 21st at midnight. The best pricing is to get a minimum order of 1000 signs. The cost per sign is $4.00 each. This includes stand, freight, and taxes.

Once the signs have been produced and delivered, we will notify you of a date and time to pick up your signs.  If you are out of the region or need your signs shipped, there will be an additional packing and shipping charge.”  

Click on the sign to order>>>>>>

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Get the facts. Vote “NO” on Regional Transportation Referendum – July 31, 2012

The Transportation Leadership Coalition, LLC has announced it’s new website TrafficTruth.net.  The website is a grassroots campaign to inform voters about the Truth of the July 31st Sales Tax Referendum.  They have a Fact Sheet, mailing list sign-up, online Donation and Facebook & Twitter Links.  Take a look and see why “Another Tax won’t help your Traffic Jam”.

Vote “NO” On Regional Transportation Referendum – July 31, 2012.

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Those of us Against TSPLOST won’t be going to Hawaii

An article in The Saporta Report this week talked about the campaign strategy for the pro-TSPLOST groups.  Sounds like they just want all of us to just go to Hawaii so we won’t be around for the vote.  I have news for them: All of their Special Interest Groups have gotten their hands on our money and we don’t have any left for a vacation, much less a trip to Hawaii.  We are here to stay and will continue to counter their disinformation campaign.

Article Excerpt:

“We’ll divide them by ‘hard no,’ ‘hard yes,’ and ‘swing.’ We’ll ignore the ‘hard no’s’ and have them go to Hawaii, maybe, on the 31st [election day]. We’ll target swing voters and educate them more about what we’re doing and what this about.”

via Campaign strategy: TV ads for transportation sales tax show no local leader, nor any living creature | SaportaReport.

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TSPLOST vote offers the path of proven failure

By Ron Sifen

In the last few days, several pro-TSPLOST advocates have challenged me regarding my opposition to the Cobb light rail project.

One emphatically defended the Cobb light rail project. Another emphatically denied that the Cobb light rail project is on the TSPLOST projects list. Hmmm.

Let’s take a closer look at this “phantom” light rail for Cobb. Continue reading

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TSPLOST Referendum Language

Here is what the TSPLOST referendum will look like on your ballot on July 31st.  I went ahead and filled it in for you….

Ballot Question
(   ) Yes
( X) No

Shall _____ County’s transportation system and the transportation network in this region and the state be improved by providing for a 1 percent special district transportation sales and use tax for the purpose of transportation projects and programs for a period of ten years.

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Agenda 21 Seminar

I attended a meeting focused on stopping TSPLOST today and picked up a flyer about an Agenda 21 event in Fayette.  If you’re not familiar with Agenda 21, this sounds like a good event to learn more.


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Event to Formulate & Implement a Plan to Stop TSPLOST

I received this flyer today about an event on March 31, 2012 @ 9:30 am.  The event will be at Adventure Outdoors – 2500 South Cobb Drive Southeast, Smyrna, Georgia 30080.

NoTSPLOST Event – Save the date

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Georgia Government Email Databases – Free for All?

At the Cobb BOC meeting on February 28, 2012, several citizens spoke during public comment regarding concerns about an email sent to citizens asking to pass their email addressees along to the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network or MAVEN in its efforts to pass TIA aka TSPLOST.  (Read my post here for background information about this email.)

The County Attorney, Dottie Bishop, stated that the information was provided to MAVEN through an Open Records Request. Continue reading

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MAVEN Using Cobb Email Lists for TIA/TSPLOST

Below are the comments I made at the February 28, 2012 Cobb BOC Meeting during the Public Comment Section:

I want to know why Cobb Taxpayers are funding email lists for the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network or MAVEN in its efforts to pass TIA aka TSPLOST. Continue reading

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Why are Cobb Taxpayers Paying for MAVEN E-mail Lists?

I received an e-mail from Cobb County staff on February 20th that I believe was inappropriate.  Here it is: Continue reading

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Cobb Doesn’t Want your Opinion on their Alternative Analysis

Here is the speech I gave during public comment section of the Cobb County Board of Commissioners meeting on January 24, 2012:

I am here to address Cobb County’s Alternative Analysis designed to bring Rail into Cobb.  Continue reading

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We Must Fix TIA Before the Vote

Below is a Letter to the Editor written by Candidate for Cobb County Chairman, Larry Savage, in response to the Letter to the Editor by Michael Paris of Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network (MAVEN).  Mr. Paris’ Letter was published in the Marietta Daily Journal on February 19, 2012.  Here is a Link to that Letter.  The below letter is posted with Mr. Savage’s permission.  Since Mr. Savage is a Candidate, chances are the MDJ will not print his letter.

Re: Delay the TIA

I’ve just read the letter in the Sunday MDJ from Michael Paris in which he supports the TIA tax referendum scheduled for July 31. TIA, of course, is the Transportation Investment Act of 2010 and the July referendum is to authorize another 1% incremental sales tax. Continue reading

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Fix ‘fatally flawed’ transit proposal

By Ron Sifen

The Cobb Legislative Delegation should continue working to find a way to fix the T-SPLOST projects list.

A couple of weeks ago, Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee and several state legislators announced efforts to try to change the T-SPLOST projects list to take out the fatally flawed transit proposal and to replace it with the I-75 / I-575 reversible lanes project. Continue reading

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‘Leakage’ of Cobb funds to Chamber makes no sense

By Ron Sifen

With every new revelation, Cobb taxpayers have more and more questions about the relationship between Cobb County, the Cobb Development Authority and the Cobb Chamber of Commerce. How many of our tax dollars are involved and what do Cobb taxpayers get for their money?

Previously we had the question of whether Cobb County was going to pay the Cobb Chamber to take over the Economic Development Department. Continue reading

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Proposed transit line neither ‘seamless’ nor cheap

By Ron Sifen

Recently, Tad Leithead, chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission and chairman of the Cumberland Community Improvement District, had a column in the Atlanta newspaper supporting the TSPLOST. His main point was that the Atlanta region needs transit to promote economic development. He also glorified a transit “plan” called Concept 3. Not much on alleviating traffic congestion. Continue reading

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Special interests have turned TSPLOST into a future tax trap

By Ron Sifen

Cobb legislators are calling the TSPLOST projects list a “bait-and-switch.“ (In a previous column I described it by saying that the TSPLOST had been “hijacked” by special interests.)  Continue reading
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