Cobb Delegation

Below is a list of the Cobb Delegation and their contact information as of January 2013:

Cobb State Senators:
Senator Hunter Hill (R-6) (404) 463-2518

Senator Barry Loudermilk (R-14) (404) 656-0034

Senator Judson Hill (R-32) (404) 656-0150

Senator Steve Thompson (D-33) (404) 656-0083

Senator Lindsey Tippins (R-37) (404) 657-0406

Senator Horacena Tate (D-38) (404) 463-8053

Cobb State Representatives:

Representative Charles Gregory (R-34) (404)656-0220

Representative Ed Setzler (R-35) (404) 656-0178

Representative Earl Ehrhart (R-36) (404) 463-2247

Representative Sam Teasley (R-37) (404) 656-0177

Representative David Wilkerson (D-38) (404)656-0116

Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan (D-39) (404)656-0109

Representative Rich Golick (R-40) (404) 656-5943

Representative Michael Smith (D-41) (404)656-0265

Representative Stacey Evans (D-42) (404)656-6372

Representative Sharon Cooper (R-43) (404) 656-5069

Representative Don Parsons (R-44) (404) 656-9198

Representative Matt Dollar (R-45) (404) 656-0254

Representative John Carson (R-46) (404) 656-0287

Representative Sheila Jones (D-53) (404)656-0314

Representative Roger Bruce (D-61) (404)656-0314

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