MAVEN Using Cobb Email Lists for TIA/TSPLOST

Below are the comments I made at the February 28, 2012 Cobb BOC Meeting during the Public Comment Section:

I want to know why Cobb Taxpayers are funding email lists for the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network or MAVEN in its efforts to pass TIA aka TSPLOST.

I received an e-mail fromCobbCountystaff on February 20th where the Director of Cobb DOT was asking to pass along emails fromCountyDatabasesto MAVEN.

That email was inappropriate.  The County has stated from the beginning that it is not allowed to promote the TSPLOST referendum; however we now have this email sent out using taxpayer funds.  Because whenever a County employee does something using County resources, employee time and County email lists, it is using Taxpayer funds.  It makes me wonder what else County employees are being asked to do on our dime.

MAVEN may claim to be impartial, however their recent MDJ Letter to the Editor by Michael Paris of MAVEN, was clearly advocacy.  MAVEN claims to educate voters, but they are a special interest group only educating voters about one side of this issue.

So I ask again, why is the County asking certain residents if they can pass their e-mail addresses along to MAVEN so they can in turn send out Pro-TSPLOST propaganda?

Will the County extend the same courtesy to groups opposed to TSPLOST?  If they provide the information to one, they should provide it to others.  More importantly, that email should have never been sent in the first place.

I’ve heard that an excess of $10 Million will be spent by special interest groups to pass TSPLOST, I suggest they use their own money to buy some e-mail lists and stop forcing Cobb Taxpayers to pay for them.   It’s not like they are short on funds….

I ask that you derail these inappropriate actions by the County immediately.

Tricia Clements

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